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Oak Spring Garden Library
Oak Spring Garden Library 1746 Loughborough Lane Upperville, VA 20184
© 2016 Oak Spring Foundation  •  Oak Spring Garden Library  •  1746 Loughborough Lane •  Upperville, VA  20184  •
The Oak Spring Garden Library:New Website Coming Soon!There’s a lot going on at the Oak Spring Garden Library these days. With support from the Gerard B. Lambert Foundation, and guided by the vision of Rachel Lambert Mellon, the library is actively engaged in a number of expansion projects that include: •  Securing new acquisitions for the OSGL collections•  Updating and expanding the Library's database information•  Prioritizing the OSGL digitizing project•  Synchronization of digitized artwork and metadata to facilitate online searching•  Redesigning the OSGL website and providing a schedule of regular updatesThe new website is near completion and should be up by Friday, April 22, 2016.  From April 15 until April 22, access to the OSGL website will be limited due to server modifications and testing; however, you can still access the Library’s database and email account by using the links below.
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